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Welcome to the MHS Library

The Library is the hub of the school – a vibrant, well used area. It has 16 computers and a colour printer. There is also a Careers area in the library to help pupils make important decisions in regards to their future careers.

Break and lunch-times are very popular for all pupils for finding that exciting read, information for homework or leisure activities. There are numerous opportunities for pupils to help out in the day to day running of the library, to participate in lots of competitions and attend ‘book-talking’ events and author visits. The aim is to make the library an enjoyable learning area and to encourage all pupils to love reading by having a book in their bag at all times. There are over 4,000 books to choose from and so we are able to supply pupils with a fantastic range of exciting books, to suit all interests and reading abilities. Pupils are encouraged to help choose library books to loan from Creative Learning Services or books to buy for the library. Each pupil can borrow 3 books for up to 3 weeks. For more information regarding books stocked in the library and reviews pupils are able to double-click on and login with their library username and password. If pupils don’t have this information please ask Mrs Wait (Library Manager).

Library Opening Times

The library is open all day from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm.
All year groups are welcome in the library both before and after school.


All years are invited.
A place needs to be booked before school or at break-time for lunch-time.


Monday:           Year 7, 9 & 11

Tuesday:          Year 8 & 10

Wednesday:      Book/scrabble/chess/draughts clubs

Thursday:         Year 7, 9 & 11

Friday:             Year 8 & 10



Jamie Scallion’s (Author visit) to Martin High School

Jamie Scallion an author and songwriter came to the school on Wednesday 27th September. He talked to all year 7, 8 and 9 about his life and talked of how he had been inspired to write a series of books after being in a London rock band for over ten years. In fact it was whilst on tour that he wrote his first instalment of his book ‘The Rock ‘n’ Roll Diaries’.

Jamie also talked to students about song-writing and with the students he wrote some lyrics of songs. The students enjoyed this very much and Ashleigh Pryor in year 9 said his talk was “exciting and fun”. Jamie also did a song-writing workshop in the library with a lucky year 8 group and Blake Dunn and Logan Lamie said “Jamie was sick and amazing! He’s the best author we have had at school”.

When asked what he had thought about his visit Jamie said the following:-

“My author visit to Martin High School was one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever had. The students were keen to learn about song writing and the level of imagination and literacy skill was very high. We wrote some great lyrics together – including the songs, Death of a cat, Planet love and my personal favorite, Roblox! The workshop with the Year 8’s in the fantastically stocked library was a real highlight. Also, I know this isn’t technically to do with literacy but the school dinner was absolutely delicious.”


Polly Ho-Yen (Author visit) to Martin high School


On Wednesday 25th April, Polly Ho-Yen visited the school and talked to all year 7, 8, and 9. She talked about her life as an author and what inspired her to write. Ebony Harrison (8T) said of her visit that “it was really good to listen to Polly” and that it had given her a boost to write a book herself. In the afternoon Polly did a writing workshop with a year 8 group illustrating how doodling can help inspire you to write a story.

Polly said of her visit “I was thrilled to spend the day talking writing and reading with students from Years 7-9 at Martin High School. The students were a fantastic, engaged and interested audience and I really enjoyed talking to them about their everyday experiences which feed into their creative outputs as well as gaining some great book recommendations! I was fully absorbed by the different and original ideas for story writing by the students in the writing workshop. At the end of this session one student remarked that they’d had the best idea for a story they’d ever had. It was a pleasure to work with all the students, the Library team and the English department and be part of the inclusive learning environment of Martin High for the day – thank you to everyone for making this visit possible”.




FREE Books for Year 7

Before Christmas all lucky year 7 pupils received a free book from the Martin High School Library. We have purchased these books from Bookbuzz.

Bookbuzz is a new reading programme which gives schools the opportunity to offer their students the choice of a book from a list of specially selected titles. The aim of Bookbuzz is to inspire excitement about reading and discovering new books and authors. We hope all year 7 enjoy their Bookbuzz book and that it encourages them to continue reading. To find out more about this year’s titles, and other books that your child might enjoy, do visit the website where you can also find useful links about reading and writing, and fun writing activities that you can do at home with your child: Bookbuzz is generously supported by children’s book publishers and is run by Booktrust, an independent reading and writing charity that makes a nationwide impact on individuals, families and communities, and culture in the UK.

Book-talking Event in the Library

Lucky year 7, 8, and 9 pupils attended a ‘book-talking’ event in the library during their English lessons. This event was hosted by Claire Moore of Creative Learning Services and she took the opportunity to promote reading for pleasure. Rachel Yarrow-Hadfield (8R) said of the event that it was ‘very interesting’ and she ‘enjoyed it a lot’. While Ellie Bown (9I) said ‘It was cool and it made me want to read books that I didn’t think I would have ever read’.


Claire Moore said ‘Creating a buzz about reading is what book-talking is all about and so it was great fun to share some of my favourite reads with students at the Martin High School in your fantastic library space. The response from some of the groups was really enthusiastic, with long queues to reserve the books. I really hope everyone enjoys reading their choices – remember to recommend them to others if you do! Thank you for having me and keep up the reading!

Forthcoming Library Events

January 22nd/23rd/24th    – ‘Book-talking’ event in the library – Creative Learning Services will be coming to the school to

promote reading for pleasure to year 7, 8 and 9.

February 7th – 9th – Scholastic Book Fair.

April 25th – Polly Ho-Yen (Author Visit).