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Knowledge Organisers

At Martin High we are introducing learners to knowledge organisers. These booklets contain the key pieces of knowledge that learners need to have in order to succeed. It is about memorising these facts so that they can be called upon when needed. This page will grow and develop with more knowledge organisers as they are developed across the curriculum.

Parents and Carers Knowledge Organiser task.

At Martin High we will be holding an information evening for parents about knowledge organisers and how they work. To illustrate this I have created a knowledge organiser for parents and carers to look at ahead of these evenings. You will then be invited to take part in a short task about this particular knowledge organiser at the event.

Parent and Carer Knowledge Organiser – Please click here.

Paper 1 KO
Jekyll and Hype KO – Please click here.
Language Paper 1 Section A – Please click here
Paper 1 KO
Macbeth KO – Please click here
Modern and Post Modern Theatre KO – Please click here
Paper 1 KO
Year 9 Aspects of Narrative KO – Please click here
Analytical KO Y7 Ruby – Please click here
Paper 1 KO
Animal Farm KO – Please click here
Conflict Poetry – Please click here

For the Math knowledge organiser – Please click here (Grade 1) & here (Grade 2)

Alternatively, you can view the Math organiser content through the thumbnails below.


For the Drama Knowledge Organisers – Please click here

Alternatively, you can view the Drama organiser content through the thumbnails below.