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Enrichment & Extra Curricular Activities

The Martin High School looks to develop our pupils holistically. We aim to not only achieve academic excellence, but more importantly that individuals achieve personal development which stands them in good stead as they move beyond our direct influence and into young adulthood.

This development can come through a number of sources, and will primarily be realised through encouragement and support in their home life. However, within the confines of what we are able to offer at School we look to providing all pupils with the opportunity to take part in our extracurricular enrichment clubs and teams.

The following is not an exhaustive list of activities available to pupils at MHS and some vary dependant on the time of year. There will be nominal charges for some clubs to cover running cost/materials and all clubs will work best when supported by parents e.g. arranging for pupils to be collected at the end of after School clubs and coming to watch inter-school sports fixtures when possible.


Click here to view Martin High School minimum holistic offer.


Charnwood Borough Council organise fun filled holiday programmes for children! To see a list of the activities available and how to book, please click here.




Reach for the Stars Lunchtime Clubs 2017/18 12.30-1pm in C1
Monday Homework Club
Tuesday Maths Club
Wednesday Art Club
Thursday Homework Club
Friday Social Board Games



Click here to view the Year 7 and 8 Reading Lists
Click here to view the Year 9 Reading List


STEM – Science Technology Engineering and Maths

MHS has a new Science Technology Engineering and Maths group made up of enthusiastic students and staff from Science, Design Technology and Maths Depts. We have had 2 meetings so far and come up with some amazing activities that we want the school to take part in.

STEM Science – GCSE Science Grade Boosters – Lab 1 – Thursday 3:05 – 4:05pm

Science Homework Support – ICT 1 – Tuesday 1:30 – 2:00pm

KS3 Science support Lab – Lab 5 – Friday 1:30 – 2:00pm

Science Club – Triple Science students will be making Maths Revision Tutorials with Mr Blythe to help you with the tricky maths parts of Science. These will be available to view on the website over the coming weeks. TBC



Monday After School sessions for KS4 – Mrs Williams                                                                                                                                  3.30-5pm
 Thursday After School sessions for KS4 – Miss Newton                                                                                                                3.30-5pm


Thursday Theatre Club (All Year) 3.05-4:30pm
Tuesdays-School show rehearsals.
(Not yet started)
Thursday GCSE Drama Rehearsals (Yr10 – Option 4) 3.30-5pm
GCSE Drama Rehearsals (Yr10 – Option 4) 3.30-5pm


Music  Click here for detail about music tuition at the MHS
Monday Woodwind Ensemble  – Practice Room 3
   Guitar Lessons
   Singing/Piano Lessons
 Year 11 Rock Band
Tuesday  Singing Club   12.20pm
   String Ensemble  – Practice Room 3   
   Drum Lessons  
   String Lessons   
 Wednesday Brass Lessons  
  String Lessons 
  Guitar Club  
 Thursday  GCSE Music Intervention Session  3.30-4.30pm
   Singing/Piano Lessons  
   Keyboard/Saxophone Lessons  
Friday Keyboard Club
   Rock Band (Yr 11)  
   Guitar Lessons  


Tuesday Textiles (All Years) Mrs Mercado 3.30-4.45pm
GCSE Food Technology Catch-up club (Yr 10/11) Mrs Tyson After School
Wednesday GCSE Food Technology Catch-up club (Yr 10/11) Mrs Tyson After School
Thursday GCSE Food Technology (Yr 10/11) Mrs Mercado 3.30-4.45pm
Electronics Catch-up club (Yr11) Mr Davidson After School
Textiles & Product Design booster sessions (Yr11) HC After School


Visit the Martin High PE Facebook page for latest info.

Airfix / Board game / Pokémon Club – Friday 3:05-4:15pm