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Mr Black – Head of PE
Mr Wicken – Deputy Principal
Mr Seaward – Head of Pegasus Faculty
Mrs Coates – Head of Transition
Mr Morris- PE Technician



As a department, we offer our students the opportunity to experience the key processes of Physical Education:

  • Developing skills in physical activity
  • Making and applying decisions
  • Developing physical and mental capacity
  • Evaluating and improving
  • Making informed choices about healthy, active lifestyles.


Our Key Stage 3 curriculum refines fundamental motor skills and places them in a range of sporting contexts. Students are assessed on physical competence, understanding of healthy and active lifestyles and their ability to evaluate and create solutions.

In Key Stage 4 students can elect to further their studies through GCSE Physical Education & the Junior Sports Leader Award.

Parents and students are reminded that PE kit is needed every lesson – the curriculum is delivered in a way that illness / injury can be accommodated in lessons through coaching/refereeing/assisting roles and the policy for no kit is clear. Notes can be made in organisers to make staff aware of illness/ injury. Students will be asked if they are able to get changed and take an active role in the lesson. Students are reminded that if they forget their kit they are to borrow kit from PE and return it at the end of the lesson.

Key Stage 3

Within the PE Department, students will rotate around the activities displayed below:


Fitness & Health Related Exercise
Outdoor Adventurous Activities
Table Tennis


Tag Rugby
Fitness & Health Related Exercise
Outdoor Adventurous Activities
Table Tennis

In addition to these activities, students will also compete in Inter-house competitions, Annual Sports Days and will have the opportunity to join a vast range of sporting activities through the extracurricular programme.


Key Stage 4

Core PE lessons will allow students to further develop their skills and tactical knowledge base in the majority of activities covered during Key Stage 3. Students can pick from 3 options each half term – an all boys, all girls and mixed option. The curriculum at Key Stage 4 is extremely varied and is all inclusive.

GCSE Physical Education is also available to students and is broken down as follows:


Syllabus followed: OCR

  • This course builds upon knowledge and skills learned through Physical Education in KS3

It is intended to help the students:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of sports rules, tactics and techniques
  • Develop an understanding of the theory of sports science
  • Develop and improve their own personal performance

The lesson times will be separated into practical and theory sessions. Homework is set throughout the duration of the course and is an important integral part of the syllabus. It is also vital that students make a regular commitment to our extra-curricular programme, particularly in their chosen assessment activities and achieve a good level of ability in all sports used for moderation.

Each candidate must select 3 activities from each of the groups given below:

  1. Team sport
  2. Individual sport
  3. A 2nd team or individual sport

If a student participates in a sport to a high standard out of school this can be used if it is in the OCR sports framework for assessment, however this has been significantly reduced.

Students are also required to demonstrate their ability to analyse performance in their chosen activities.

The GCSE assessment will be based as follows:


Written examination: 1 hour

30% of the qualification—60 marks

  •  Topic 1: Applied anatomy and physiology
  •  Topic 2: Movement analysis
  • Topic 3: Physical training
  • Topic 4: Use of data


Unit 2: Health and Performance

Written examination: 1 hour

30% of the qualification—60 marks

  • Topic 1: Health, fitness and well-being
  • Topic 2: Sport psychology
  • Topic 3: Socio-cultural influences
  • Topic 4: Use of data


Unit 3: Practical Performance

30% of the qualification – 60 marks (20 marks per activity)

  • Skills during individual and team activities & General performance skills

The assessment consists of students completing three physical activities from a set list.

One must be a team activity—One must be an individual activity. The final activity can be a free choice.


Unit 4: Analysis of Performance (AEP)

10% of the qualification—20 marks

  • Aim and planning analysis
  • Carrying out and monitoring a training programme
  • Evaluation of performance


Extra Curricular Opportunities

The PE Department offers a range of extra curricular opportunities for students.  The Martin High School has a reputation as a school that consistently produces competitive teams in a number of different areas and is active in the Leicestershire & Rutland sport community.

Please see the extra curricular page for more details

Talent Academy

The Talent Academy Programme is a leadership programme, which aims to provide students with a route into sport that spans the Leicestershire and Rutland sport community. It is run in conjunction with other Charnwood schools and allows for students to develop leadership skills to run various sporting activities to both secondary and primary pupils from across the county. The programme requires an application at the start of Year 9 as places for the course are limited.

The programme will also address wider elements such as opportunities, career development and progression, as well as ensuring academic standards are kept at the highest possible level. Students will be expected to follow a strict behavioral contract throughout their time on the programme.

PE Uniform

All pupils are expected to bring the correct P.E. kit to all lessons. Please click here for the full list.



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