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The Music Curriculum is based on the New National Curriculum which is about

applying listening skills, Knowledge and Understanding through interrelated skills of performing, composing and appraising.

• Controlling sounds through singing and playing – performing skills

Creating and developing musical ideas – composing skills

• Responding and reviewing – appraising skills

Breadth of study – performing, composing and appraising – use of ICT to create and manipulate sounds – range of live and recorded music – folk, jazz, pop genres, Western Classical music


Our Curriculum covers:

Practical music making using keyboards, Singing, Guitars, opportunities for Music Technology, Performance, Composing and Listening. There are opportunities to play orchestral instruments in ensembles.

• Yr 7 Learning to Play the Keyboard and Read Music Notation (Term One) Chinese

Music (Term Two) Minimalism (Term Three).

• Yr 8 – The History of the Blues, Composing Blues (Term One), Composing a Ground

Bass (Term two), Understanding Indian Music (Term Three)

• Yr 9 The Guitar (Term One), History of Pop Music (Term two) Film Music (Term three)


This provides a foundation for doing GCSE Music which has three elements to it:


• Listening (40%) Music of various genres, Classical, Pop, Jazz, World, and experimental.

• Performing (30%) A solo and an ensemble piece in any style

• Composing (30%) Two pieces related to 2 different areas of study.


For this year’s cohort of GCSE Music students, the pass rate was 88%.


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