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Key Stage 4

Pathways at Martin High School

At KS4 our pupils will select one of four learning pathways that will enable pupils to achieve their best in a broad range of subjects. These pathways have been designed to meet the needs of a range of pupils and to enable them to succeed in their post 16 education.


The Ebacc Pathway

This pathway is for learners that have the intention to apply to a high end (Russell Group) university. All pupils on this pathway will study the Ebacc and three sciences.

Pathway 1

This pathway offers a little more flexibility and will be suitable for the majority of pupils. They may still choose to study three sciences and a language in their options but they do not have to. Pupils on this pathway would still be able to progress on to suitable post 16 courses and university.

Pathway 2

This pathway is a bit more directed than pathway 1. Pupils will be doing combined science and geography whereas pathway 1 offers flexibility here. Pathway 2 does include additional literacy and numeracy support and this takes the place of one GCSE option. This provides support in key areas for pupils that may want to take advantage of that.

Pathway 3 – Invitation Only

This pathway is offered to pupils that have specific needs. There is a much narrower curriculum but it is designed for those pupils that need extra support with literacy and numeracy. All pupils on this pathway will still do GCSE English (Language and Literature), Maths, combined science and geography.


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