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The Governors make many of the key decisions about the development of the school. The governing body is made up of a group of enthusiastic parents, community members, Local Education Authority appointees and school staff. These are both specialists and non-specialists who bring widely different views of the purpose of the school and how it should function. Through this melting pot, together with information gained from staff and parents, key decisions are made.

Our governors are connected with the school through visits and governor meetings. They are determined to do their bit to support the pupils. They take advice and make their decisions accordingly.

Governors also contribute to the ideas that underpin the development of the school. They tend to take a lead from the professional staff but sometimes as a part of the melting pot, they put forward alternative ideas based on their experience. Through this we grow.

Governors and particularly parent governors want to hear from parents about both the successes and the limitations of the school.

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