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Homework Policy

August 2016

Dear Parent/Carer

We believe that homework is an essential part of a pupil’s learning experience at Martin High School. Homework tasks consolidate prior learning or prepare pupils for future learning, through content or skills based tasks. It helps pupils to absorb what went on in school; therefore our homework has a clear connection and relevance to work in class. Homework should encourage pupils to be confident and independent, to organise their time, improve their self-discipline, to genuinely love learning outside the classroom and also offer opportunities for engagement with parents. The quality and purpose of the homework is more important than the amount of homework, as such it should provide appropriate challenge for all pupils and allow a balance between work and free/play time.

Feedback from you, our parents and carers had indicated the wish for a school homework timetable to enable you to support your child in their learning. Last year the Martin High School issued its first formal homework time-table. Parental feedback regarding the setting of homework last year was constructive and in the main extremely positive. Please find enclosed your child’s homework timetable for this academic year. Core subjects (Maths, English and Science) are setting one homework a week. Non-core subjects are setting one per fortnight. Core homework nights will be the same night each week of the school’s two week timetable; so your child can develop a positive learning routine.

The length of time homework should take is for guidance only as each child has their own individual needs. Each subject has received a dedicated homework night on the timetable to complete the homework. Due to the nature of the school’s timetable this homework night may be several days after the homework was actually set. Staff already give pupils a number of nights to complete a homework and this practice will continue. This will also enable pupils to fit out of school activities around their homework by completing homework at a time that will work for them as individuals.

Where the time-table says ‘Geography or History’ at KS3, this is giving the respective subject teachers an element of flexibility as to when to set their homework to reflect curriculum needs. Your child’s Geography and History teachers will liaise and choose the most appropriate night out of the two slots to set their homework and will fix that with the group. Also Art and Technology are both setting homework once a fortnight at KS3 and for simplicity’s sake I have scheduled them together on the same night.

I hope you will find this modified structure helpful in supporting your child’s education at home. The homework timetable is available to view on the school website and in the pupil’s planner. It is an expectation at Martin High School that learners will complete homework set by the deadlines recorded in their organisers. If a pupil fails to hand in their homework they will be given an agreed extension. Failure to meet this extension will result in a lunch or break time session to complete the work with the class teacher. If a pupil fails to attend, they will be referred to the relevant Head of Department for completion of homework and will receive a phone call home from the class teacher and this will be logged on Go4schools.

We appreciate your continuing support in ensuring your child has an enriching homework experience. Should you have any queries please contact me on or 0116 2363291.

Yours sincerely

L. Witton

Assistant Head Teacher


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