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Revision Guidance
Examinations and assessments can be a stressful time for our learners and their families. Revision is really important as it builds confidence in the subject content and resilience when learners do encounter touch questions or tasks. Revision is revisiting the key information and facts from each subject in a structured way so that learners can retain the information and answer the questions in the assessments.
Past learners at Martin High offered some excellent advice when it comes to revision. They said:
  • Create a revision plan for each subject
  • Prioritise your time
  • Start revising NOW!
  • Don’t stress… plan for success.
  • Make a timetable and stick to it
  • Try your best
  • Stay fit, healthy and exercise too!

In order to best plan revision we have included a number of documents below including a revision timetable generator, revision flash card generator and revision advice. Specific subject advice is available on the subject area.


Additional materials :