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GCSE Results 2017

Ella Evans-Puttick


“Thank you everyone at Martin High School, it’s been an amazing time”



Ben Pullen

8A*, 2A

“I was not expecting this, thank you Martin High School for the tremendous support”





James Lacey

8A*, 2A

“The staff hard, with the support of staff from Martin High School I can go onto my A levels”



Maddie Hancock

 7A*, 1A

“I’m so glad the wait is over, I’m honestly speechless and cannot put this into words”

Mohamed Hassouna

3A*, 3A, 3B, 1C

“Martin High School really gave me so many opportunities, I am so grateful”


Ella Evans-Puttick 10A*
Ben Pullen 8A*, 2A
Maddie Hancock 7A*, 1A
James Lacey 8A*, 2A
Emily Myatt 5A*, 5A
Isobel Flude 5A*, 3A, 2B
Daniel Youngs 6A*, 4A
Connor Keany 4A*, 5A, 1B
Bryony Large 4A*, 3A
Mohamed Hassouna 3A*, 3A, 3B, 1C
Maddie Little 5A*, 3As, 1Bs


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This is just a selection of our learners and their celebrations.