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The Library is the hub of the school – a vibrant, well used area. Break times and Lunchtimes are very popular for all pupils for finding that exciting read, information for homework or leisure activities. Pupils are also able to help out in the day to day running of the library.

There are numerous opportunities for pupils to participate in lots of events, activities, author visits and competitions.

We have an Eclipse management system to keep the stock of over 3000 books up to date and to supply pupils with a fantastic range of exciting books, to suit all interests and reading abilities. There are 12 new computers all with Internet access and a colour printer. We also have a silent study room, as well as small and large meeting rooms.

Our aim is to make the library an enjoyable learning area and to encourage all pupils to enjoy reading by a having a book in their bag at all times.

We also have a Careers Area to help you in making decisions in both your academic and future working careers.

Opening Times

Open all day from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm

Silent study room available to Year 11 students as priority. Library is open for:- Quiet reading/choosing a book/homework/revision/booking a place at lunchtime.

All year groups are welcome in the library both before and after school.

Break time:

Monday: Year 8 & 10

Tuesday: Year 7, 9 & 11

Wednesday: All Year groups

Thursday: Year 8 & 10

Friday: Year 7, 9 & 11

Lunchtime – A place needs to be booked

Monday: Year 7, 9 & 11

Tuesday: Year 8 & 10

Wednesday: Book/scrabble/ chess/draughts clubs.

Thursday: Year 7, 9 & 11

Friday: Year 8 & 10

For more information regarding books and reviews please go to and login with your library username and password. If you don’t have this please ask one of the librarians.




 Your child is joining the school library and we aim to help them enjoy reading and promote their research skills. We have over 3000 items for them to use. Each pupil can borrow 3 items for up to 3 weeks.

We really appreciate when books are taken care of and returned on time.

If however, they are lost or damaged, (often by sticky drinks spilled in their bag), we will have to ask for the cost of replacement.  This helps us to maintain the high quality of the materials we can offer your child.

  • You must agree to abide by the rules of Martin High School Library.
  • If your book is lost or stolen you must notify the library  immediately
  • If you do not wish your child to borrow items, please inform Mrs Turner/Mrs Wait (Library Managers.)