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Assessment and reporting

At Martin High School, all learners will be assessed using the GCSE 9-1 criteria. The criteria will also include two ‘Foundation’ grades- F2 and F1 for learners not yet accessing the GCSE pathway.

The new system encourages us as a school, you as parents or carers and the learners to see their learning as a journey. In this journey learners will master the content, knowledge and skills in order to be successful at GCSE and make clear progress term by term.

This journey is one of mastery and therefore learners are not expected to move up the scale quickly, progress should be steady and secure over time. For some learners being assessed on the 9-1 scale will create an element of challenge that we know they will rise to. It is highly likely that a number of learners will not be initially working at a GCSE grade 1 and to support and challenge these learners we have extended the scale to include the F2 and F1 grades.

Each year we will officially track your child’s progress at three key

points. At these points the report home will include a reference to the progress your child is making, targets and your child’s attitude to learning grade. As we get closer to the end of the year, your child will make progress towards an ‘End of Year target grade’. Each report will include targets for your child, designed to help your child make progress in each of the subject areas. As a school we are encouraging the progress of all learners throughout the academic year with a focus on meeting their end of year target.

More information available below in the Martin High School assessment information booklet.

For the Martin High School parent consultation on assessment presentation click here

For the Martin High School Assessment information booklet click here